What is mediation?

Mediation is the 'win-win' way of settling disputes and resolving conflicts. 

It has two major advantages over traditional methods such as civil courts and employment tribunals. 

First, mediation is much less expensive and can usually be completed in one day.

Second, the two parties are helped to reach a genuine agreement between themselves, rather than having a ruling imposed. 




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In the news


Business experts from Cardiff University discovered that companies in Wales are leading the field when it comes to the use of mediation (Alternative Dispute Resolution) to deal with conflicts in the workplace.

 In a presentation to ACAS , Professor Edmund Heery and his team, Deborah Hann and David Nash , showed that mediation is appreciated as being quicker, cheaper and far more discreet than allowing disputes to reach a tribunal or a courtroom. 


"Nicholas is an invaluable asset. His insight, patience and mediation skills have helped us to bring so many conflicts to a peaceful conclusion. He's a good person to have around."

Dean Evans, Senior Mediator, Carmarthenshire Conflict Resolution Service.

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