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Nicholas Whitehead

A career in TV journalism and crime reporting showed me the lasting damage that can be done when people get locked into bitter conflicts. Although the work made me quite 'unshockable', I never stopped thinking that a lot of suffering was unnecessary and could have been avoided. 

I've been a fan of mediation since the mid 1990s when I served on the governing body of the charity Mediation Powys.  Since retiring from ITV in 2013, I trained as a mediator so I could combine new skills with old insights and help people find a way out of disputes and conflicts without the need for expensive legal action and court cases. 

I am experienced in working with neighbours, employers /employees, local authorities/housing associations and their tenants. I mediate in disputes between private individuals as well as in cases involving businesses and public bodies.

How does it work?

1. You contact Mediation Cardiff and, once we've had a chat, we'll know whether or not your particular case is suitable for mediation. If it is:

2. I telephone each of the people involved and arrange one-to-one confidential meetings with them. This is when they can tell me, individually, how the situation looks from their point of view. 
3. Later, possibly the same day, the two people in conflict will sit down with me and take part in what's called a 'guided conversation'. Fairness and balance are the key elements of this meeting. Each side gets the chance to be heard. Each side gets the chance to hear things they might never have guessed. 
In these meetings, false assumptions are dispelled, misunderstandings cleared up and mutual respect increased. This is usually enough to enable the people in dispute to work out a resolution that works for all concerned.
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